With more than 700 visitors and over 70 booth vendors, the 46th annual Portland Harvest Craft Show held recently at Richland Park, was the biggest show in a decade, according to  Assistant Park Director Tammy Groves.

Each vendor donated a door prize and six to seven were given away every hour. In addition Portland radio station WQKR gave away a door prize every hour.

This year there were more booths outside due to construction work being done on the Robert Coleman Community Center. The Highland Rim Historical Society annual bake sale was located outside in front of the Cold Springs One Room School. The school was open for touring with approximately 25 to 30 visiting the inside. According to HRHS President Elizabeth Martin-Villalobos, a 13-year-old girl came out telling everyone that the school was amazing.

The Portland Senior Center raised over $2,000 in its booth which included a silent auction that drew a steady stream of bidders. 

Director of the Center Jamie Rose said, “We did really well, and we would like to thank everyone for their support.”

Groves said, “The craft show is a place to meet old friends and make new ones. Many of the vendors have asked to come back next year. We may be small but we’re mighty.”

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