The long-awaited Dunkin’ opened Monday at in the Valero Gas Station and Market at 301 South Broadway. The store features both drive-in window and inside services.


Dunkin’ had a successful opening in Portland beginning on March 11. It is located inside the Valero Gas Station at 301 S. Broadway.

Owners are Steve Catalano and Matt Campohasso and operate under Route 65, LLC. The two own 22 stores in Tennessee and 20 in Massachusetts. According to Catalano, this is the first Dunkin’ inside a gas station in Tennessee. The grand opening was held on Saturday, March 27.

Bob Rosenberg was the founder of Dunkin’ Donuts in 1950 in Massachusetts. The name was recently changed to Dunkin’ because of the wide variety of items that can be purchased at each store. Dunkin’ was one of the first specialty coffee shops opened and today it is known as much for its coffee blends as its doughnuts.

The store will feature 15 to 20 varieties of doughnuts daily, but will rotate the various varieties sold from many other choices they create. At holidays there will be special doughnuts sold such as heart shaped doughnuts for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

There will be special doughnuts during the Christmas holiday season. Customers are encouraged to ask for a particular variety, if it is not on the shelves. The most popular doughnuts are the chocolate glazed creamed filled doughnuts, and the chocolate glazed doughnuts.

Dunkin’ has a variety of breakfast food items and sandwiches. There are various combinations of bacon, ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches to choose from. These come on a variety of breads such as bagels, croissants, and biscuits. They have a grilled cheese melt featuring three types of cheese on sourdough bread. Customers looking for a snack are invited to try the bacon sleeves, which are sold like fries. Hash browns are also available. Plans are to include a chicken croissant soon.

Dunkin’ coffee is a special blend with regular and decaf available. Flavors such as hazelnut can be added to any coffee. Latte caramel swirls and mochas are other popular coffee drinks. All coffee drinks come hot or iced depending on the customer’s choice.

The owners said they like to get involved in the communities where they own stores. They enjoy supporting local sports programs and other community events. In addition, they support Second Harvest Food Bank and homeless shelters in the area.

Catalano said, “We have been welcomed to Portland. We are happy to be here.”

The store currently employs15 full and part-time employees, and may go up to 20, if the store continues to grow.

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