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Sumner County Property Transfers June 8-14, 2017

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Rebeca Reed to Mark Kelly and Teri Bolduc, 265 Dry Fork Creek Road, Bethpage, $555,000.

Michael and Beth Stetar to Russell and Amy Terrell, 625 Hog Hollow Lane, Bethpage $780,000.


Brian and Jamie Stewart to Michael and Michelle White, 1244 Chenault Lane, Castalian Springs, $222,000

Stephanie Coker to Ryan and Joye Couts, 3598 Hartsville Pike, Castalian Springs, $215,000.

Alpha Delta Properties LLC to Robert and Tasha Wright, 404 Old Highway 25E, Castalian Springs, $130,000.


Clayton Properties Group INC to Robert and Lori Tiepelman, 240 Jocelyn Drive, Cottontown, $291,846.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Herbert and Laura Hardcastle, 216 Jocelyn Drive, Cottontown, $306,500.


Douglas and Kirsten and Robert Peterson, 1131 Flat Stone Drive, Gallatin, $235,000.

James Lillian Hathcock to Richard and Laura Willson, 131 Tanasi Shores, Gallatin, $238,000.

Selim and Sandra Miselem to Rae Bonansinga 14 12 Harrington Dr, Gallatin, $215,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Gail Collis, 395 Devon Chase Hill, #6201, Gallatin, $205,500.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Tyson Batdorf and Shana Franklin, 1026 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $387,055.

Edward Tackett to Bond Realty LLC, 518 Randolph Circle, Gallatin, $80,000.

Robert Browning to Linda Parker, 675 Lincoln Dr, Gallatin, $101,000.

Green Trails LLC Clayton Properties Group INC to to Clayton Properties Croup INC, 393 Maple Street, Suite 100, Gallatin, $492,880.

Phillip and Michelle Stewart to Matthew and Kelli Lawler, 1698 Noah Lane, Gallatin, $465,000.

James and Sharon Pieri to Kerry Rexroad, 1045 Edgewater Circle, Gallatin, $540,000.

Crystal Brown to Hugo and Samantha Teasley, 125 Lorraine Drive, Gallatin, $139,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Robert and Gwendolyn Weatherford, 152 Day Star Court, Gallatin, $289,139.

Scott Smith to Christopher and Kelly Vigil, 356 Huntington Drive, Gallatin, $189,000.

Green Trails LLC to Clayton Properties Group INC, 393 Maple Street, Suite 100, Gallatin, $442,588.

Gregory and Erin Landry to AH4R-TN 3 LLC, 977 Chesire Way, Gallatin, $250,000.

William Brewer to Kenneth Lober, 378 Nicholas Lane, Gallatin, $396,262.

Brenda Lawson to David and Erin Jerome, 136 Captain Bell Lane, Gallatin, $530,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Phillip and Alisia Smith, 1078 Paddock Park Circle, Gallatin, $289,425.

Dean and Valerie Solon to Donald and Peggy Clinard, 1094 Issac Franklin Drive, Gallatin, $352,500.

Austin and Whitney Rion to Kyle and Heather Laferriere, 334 Saxony Way, aka 334 Stratford Blvd, Gallatin, $265,000.

Dulin Investment Trust to Roger and Katherine Finch, 128 Nogs Garden, Gallatin, $125,000.

Deborah Westlund, Lynn Kostadine, Catherine Stellern to Roger and Katherine Finch, 126 Nogs Garden, Gallatin, $125,000.

Jerry and Jacqueline Wheeler to James and Paula Ford, 1115 Isaac Franklin Drive, Gallatin, $349,900.

Randall and Barbara Jones to Kathy Lundy, 407 Lucy Circle, Gallatin, $222,070.

Helen Bender to Betty Hibdon, 320 East Franklin, Unit #12, Gallatin, $170,000.

Richard and Elizabeth Sawyer to Benjamin Sayer and Patricia Eden, 1287 Kansas Lane, Gallatin, $144,810.

Clayton Properties Group Inc to Derrick Lyday, 1030 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $473,338.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Christopher and Roberta Braat, 232 Ettington Drive, Gallatin, $362,010.

Clayton Properties Group, INC to Eldridge and Kimberly Bell, 218 Calumet Court, Gallatin, $369,405.

Steve and Nancy Brooks to Benjamin and Nancy Aycock, 1018 Robert Lee Drive, Gallatin, $345,000.

Fred and Ruth Yates to Maurice and Scheryl Burt, 943 Lake Park Drive, Gallatin, $495,500.

Suzanne Peek to David and Margaret Smith, 317 Osprey Drive, Gallatin, $273,000.

Billy Carr to Hardy Real Estate Investments LLC, 721 Trail Drive, Gallatin, $50,000.


Penny Bracy to Eric O'Saile and Darrell Hudgins, 145 Oak Foreston Drive, Goodlettsville, $160,000.

David Smalling to Hancock's Premier Jewelers INC, 328 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, $55,000.

Thomas and Rose Ankenbauer to Madison and Claire Morris, 2079 Katherine Drive, Goodlettsville, $315,000.

Robert Smith to Sarah Martin, 151 Fisher Street, Goodlettsville, $150,000.

Shea Helms to, Zoi Lancaster, 123 Overlook Trail, Goodlettsville, $173,000.

Charles Ward Special Needs Trust to William and Theresa Durham, 177 Tara Lane, Goodlettsville, $390,000.

Christopher and Constance Maynord to Stefano and Lorie Patterson, 421 Chickasaw Trail, Goodlettsville, $359,900.

Chris and Kate Clark to Harrison and Jenny Slaughter, 3810 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, $450,000.


Justin and Courtney Mosley to Frank Wessel, 116 Ambassador Private Circle, Hendersonville, $259,900.

Thomas and Donna Wilson to Gage Dorris, 170 Evergreen Circle, Hendersonville, $162,900.

Southeastern Building Corp to Patrick Kelly, 102 Monteview Drive aka 124 Burntash Lane, Hendersonville, $279,400.

Southeastern Building Corp to Kenneth Boyd, 117 Burntash Lane, Hendersonville, $324,900.

Virginia Duffett to Rchard and Lindsay Craycroft, 108 Belmont Circle Hendersonville, $190,000.

Randy Dillon to Zachary and Elizabeth Delph, 113 Edgeview Drive, Hendersonville, $275,000.

Annette Murphy to Stephen and Victoria Bradford, 101 East Ridge Court, Hendersonville, $195,641.

Lisa Vass and Lisa Long to Black Rock Real Estate LLC, 950 W Warm Springs Road, Suite 104, Hendersonville, $210,186.

Stephen and Stephanie Williams to Derek and Nicole Russell, 175 Wynbrooke Trace, Hendersonville, $366,000.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Gary and Stacy Ward, 119 Ashington Circle, Hendersonville, $503,527.

Brett and Sarah Shumaker to Katie Porter, 110 Oak Leaf Court, Hendersonville, $219,000.

Dwayne and Cassandra Brown to Pebble Creek Drive Trust, 114 Pebble Creek Drive, Hendersonville, $116,000.

Larry Lane to Erik and Jessica Engebretson, 138 Robinhood Circle, Hendersonville, $210,000.

Stefano Lorie Patterson to Viola Byers, 140 Mansker Park Drive, Hendersonville, $282,000.

David and Erin Jerome to Donald and Beatriz Lopez, 1102 Spearpoint Drive, Hendersonville, $392,500.

Gary and Karen Farley to Frances Cottle, 113 High Point Anchorage, Hendersonville, $706,000.

Michael and Katie Bertotti to Craig and Lee Conner, 148 Lake Terrace Dr, Hendersonville, $283,000.

Justin and Candice Warren to Jane Slowinski, 126 Anchor Drive, Hendersonville, $196,000.

Terry and Catherine Harris to Connie Jarrett, 127 Saranac Trail, Hendersonville, $358,000.

Joe Thompson Adair Jr Estate to Jason Alteri, 117 Nathan Forest Drive, Hendersonville, $254,000.

Jonathan and Jennifer Lee to Alexander Christy Kanko, 115 Cumberland Blue Trail, Hendersonville, $365,000.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Nichols and Stephanie Ivey, 104 Nogs Garden, Hendersonville, $582,242.

Donald, Mary and Talbert and Sharon Howden, to Joy Taylor, 104 La Greta Drive, Hendersonville, $200,000.

Donald E Faulkner Estate to Jesse Johnson, 144 Sunset Pl, Hendersonville, $162,500.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Ralph and Mindy Knight, 107 Lombardi Place, Hendersonville, $366,136.

John W Jr & Linda Lou Dulin Family Trust to RM Partnership GP, 102 Trout Valley, Hendersonville, $325,000.

Jeremy and Dorothy Glass to Dwayne and Cassandra Brown, 116 Walton Trace S, Hendersonville, $225,000.

Bettie June Watson Estate to John Baird, 131 Colonial Drive, Hendersonville, $165,000.

Michael Barnes to Christopher O'Saile, 105 Devonshire Trail, Hendersonville, $279,000.

Jeffrey Gottke and Mary Forte to David and Jennifer Easton, 128 Shadowhaven Way, Hendersonville, $314,900.

Kenneth and Linda Hackney to Adam, Deborah, Danny Ethridge, 1226 Centerpoint Road, Hendersonville, $250,000

Teri Bolduc to Jeffrey and Brittany May, 1104 Countrywood Drive Hendersonville, $339,900.

Dongyu Wang and Lingli Ni to Thomas and Peggie Huddleston, 353 Bonita Parkway, Hendersonville, $140,000.

Sheila Pappas to Candace Kent, 129 Cherry Hill Drive, Unit 7-C, Hendersonville, $124,900.

Shirley Burton to Wirt and Tami Rodgers, 106 Gates Court, Hendersonville, $200,500.

Roger and Elaine Williams to Matthew Cammarn, 1018 Victoria Lane W, Hendersonville, 250,000.

Eduardo and Rose Cruz to Bryan and Brooke Flatt, 167 Vintage Circle, Hendersonville, $250,000.

Kristin Intress to Gregory and Amanda Vogel, 140 Lake Valley Road, Hendersonville, $1,250,000.

Steven and Joanna McVey to Gayle Halvorson, 1013 Stafford Court, Hendersonville, $350,000.

Celebration Homes LLC to James and Elizabeth Peden, 1528 Drakes Creek Road, Hendersonville, $474,900.

James and Elizabeth Peden to Brandon Evans, 1024 Harmony Lane, Hendersonville, $273,500.

Trisha Taylor to Megan Marasigan, 141 Maple Drive, Hendersonville, $246,000.

Joshua and Selena Robinson to Kelley Cassetty, 117 Huntington Place, Hendersonville, $286,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Diana Sinks, 108 Dayflower Drive, Hendersonville, $264,810.


Ashley Briley to William Taylor, 1015 Larkspur Meadows Ln Portland, $163,000.

Timmy Coley to Randy Dillon, 290 Thurman Kepley Road, Portland, $204,900.

Gina Willis to Michael Faith, 337 North Centerpoint Road, Portland, $245,000.

500 College Street Trust to Alan, McFadden, 500 College Street, Portland, $82,000.

James Woodcock to Autumn Topping to 739 Lear Road, Portland, $162,500.

Eric and Tiffany Johnson to Tomas and Kathy Escalante, 122 Irish Oaks Drive, Portland, $161,900.

Miles and Claire Monhollen to Ruth Hobbs, 120 Irish Oaks Drive, Portland, $150,500.

Angela George to Basil and Linda Daley, 100 Gentry Drive, Portland, $155,400.

KB Fuels INC to RKS Group LLC, 1100 S Broadway, Portland, $160,000.

KB Fuels INC to RKS Group LLC, 1104 S Broadway, Portland, $2,755,000.

Christopher Munday to Barry Briley and Amy Delaney, 305 N Centerpoint Road, Portland, $130,000.


Jerry and Deborah Stewart to Keith Brazel, 1512 Old Highway 31 East, Westmoreland, $75,000.

Maxey and Betty Sircy to Anthony and Lupe Curtis, Alex and Elizbeth Martinez, 3316 Sumner Dr, Westmoreland, $220,000.

William and Karen Sharp to Eddie and Bernice Robinson, 268 City Park Road, Westmoreland, $198,700.


Dan Connelly Construction LLC to Stephanie Thomas, 109 Grayson Lane, White House, $255,475.

Anastasiya Dorsey to Norman and Caitlin Davis, 727 N Palmers Chapel Road, White House, $170,500.

Christopher O'Saile to Craig and Barbara Baggett, 1021 Hilltop Road, White House, $157,000.

Michael and Leah Lemmons to John and Regina Wheat, 102 Pembroke Court, White House, $223,000.

Johnny Vail to Bryant and Sonya Green, 1018 Wildwood Street, White House, $125,000.

Ambra Billotte to Brandon Harms, 212 Northwoods Drive, White House, $200,000.

Shawn Scruggs and Tiffany Held to Amy Harelson, 460 Fern Valley Road, White House, $145,00

John Lowry to Karin Kelloes, 201 Patana Drive, White House, $185,000.

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